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We just love desserts!

I'm Bridget and I've always had a passion for whipping things up in the kitchen. I love food, but had limited choices growing up so I always had to be creative with what we had on hand. The older and more independent I became, the more opportunity I had to test new recipes and eat all the delicious dishes. 


While going through college, getting married and becoming an elementary teacher, I was busy and didn't take as much care of myself. I ate out a ton and made choices that piled the weight on. When I became pregnant with my daughter, I was at my heaviest and gained an additional forty four pounds. 


I realized when my daughter was a toddler that I continued to make choices that I wouldn't want her to make and decided it was time to change. My husband and I worked really hard to learn more about nutrition and fitness and get healthy to lead by example for our family. I became a health and fitness coach in 2012 and still continue today to help people reach their goals. 


My love of food and baking never left, however, and I am not one to deprive myself of mouth watering goodness. After years of family and friends telling me I need to open a bakery, I finally decided to take the plunge in 2018. My husband, Lee, and daughter, Jaelyn, are always right here to test out new recipes and are ecstatic to eat any mess ups and extras. Worth the Weight Bakery is named that way because I want everyone to know that if they're wanting to indulge, these bites are totally worth it! 

Image by Morgane Perraud
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